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Raku bindings to the libxml2 native library

[Raku LibXML Project] / [LibXML Module] / DOM

Raku LibXML DOM Interface

The W3C Level 2 Core DOM a platform and language independent interface for accessing and manipulating documents.

LibXML uses the W3C::DOM module to map classes and methods.

A quick summary of the Raku DOM implementation follows:

W3C::DOM Role W3C::DOM Parent LibXML Class L1 Methods L2 Methods NYI
Node LibXML::Node nodeName nodeValue parentNode childNodes firstChild lastChild previousSibling nextSibling ownerDocument insertBefore replaceChild removeChild appendChild hasChildNodes cloneNode normalize isSupported namespaceURI prefix localName hasAttributes
CharacterData Node data length substringData appendData insertData deleteData replaceData
Attr Node LibXML::Attr name value ownerElement specified
CDATASection Text LibXML::CDATA splitText
Comment CharacterData LibXML::Comment
Document Node LibXML::Document doctype implementation documentElement createElement createDocumentFragment createTextNode createComment createCDATASection createProcessingInstruction createAttribute createEntityReference getElementsByTagName importNode createElementNS createAttributeNS getElementsByTagNameNS getElementById
DocumentFragment Node LibXML::DocumentFragment
DocumentType Node LibXML::Dtd name publicId systemId entities notations|
Element Node LibXML::Element attributes getAttribute setAttribute removeAttribute getAttributeNode setAttributeNode removeAttributeNode getElementsByTagName getAttributeNS setAttributeNS removeAttributeNS getAttributeNodeNS setAttributeNodeNS getElementsByTagNameNS hasAttribute hasAttributeNS
Entity Node LibXML::Dtd::Entity publicId systemId notationName
EntityReference Node LibXML::EntityRef
Implementation LibXML createDocument createDocumentType hasFeature
NamedNodeMap LibXML::Attr::Map getNamedItem setNamedItem removeNamedItem item length getNamedItemNS setNamedItemNS removeNamedItemNS
Notation Node LibXML::Dtd::Notation nodeName publicId systemId N/A [1]
ProcessingInstruction Node LibXML::PI target data
Text CharacterData LibXML::Text splitText