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Raku bindings to the libxml2 native library

[Raku LibXML Project] / [LibXML Module] / Raw

class LibXML::Raw

Bindings to the libxml2 library


do {
    # Create a document from scratch
    use LibXML::Raw;
    my xmlDoc:D $doc .= new;
    my xmlElem:D $root = $ :name<Hello>, :content<World!>;
    .Reference for $doc, $root;
    say $doc.Str; # .. <Hello>World!</Hello>
    # unreference/destroy before we go out of scope
    .Unreference for $root, $doc;


The LibXML::Raw module contains class definitions for native bindings to the LibXML2 library.

Low level native access

Other high level classes, by convention, have a raw() accessor, which can be used, if needed, to gain access to native objects from this module.

Some care needs to be taken in keeping persistent references to raw structures.

The following is unsafe:

my LibXML::Element $elem .= new: :name<Test>;
my xmlElem:D $raw = $elem.raw;
$elem = Nil;
say $raw.Str; # could have been destroyed along with $elem

If the raw object supports the Reference and Unreference methods, the object can be reference counted and uncounted:

my LibXML::Element $elem .= new: :name<Test>;
my xmlElem:D $raw = $elem.raw;
$raw.Reference; # add a reference to the object
$elem = Nil;
say $raw.Str; # now safe
with $raw {
    .Unreference; # unreference, free if no more references
    $_ = Nil;

Otherwise, the object can usually be copied. That copy then needs to be freed, to avoid memory leaks:

my LibXML::Namespace $ns .= new: :prefix<foo>, :URI<>;
my xmlNs:D $raw = $ns.raw;
$raw .= Copy;
$ns = Nil;
say $raw.Str; # safe
with $raw {
    .Free; # free the copy
    $_ = Nil;

class LibXML::Raw::xmlAutomata

A libxml automata description, It can be compiled into a regexp

class LibXML::Raw::xmlAutomataState

A state int the automata description,

class LibXML::Raw::xmlBuffer32

old buffer struct limited to 32bit signed addressing (2Gb). xmlBuf is preferred, where available

class LibXML::Raw::xmlBuf

New buffer structure, introduced in libxml 2.09.00, the actual structure internals are not public

class LibXML::Raw::xmlEnumeration

List structure used when there is an enumeration in DTDs.

class LibXML::Raw::xmlLocationSet

A Location Set

class LibXML::Raw::xmlParserInputDeallocate

Callback for freeing some parser input allocations.

class LibXML::Raw::xmlParserNodeInfo

The parser can be asked to collect Node information, i.e. at what place in the file they were detected.

class LibXML::Raw::xmlXPathCompExpr

The structure of a compiled expression form is not public.

class LibXML::Raw::xmlPattern

A compiled (XPath based) pattern to select nodes

class LibXML::Raw::xmlRegexp

A libxml regular expression, they can actually be far more complex thank the POSIX regex expressions.

class LibXML::Raw::xmlXIncludeCtxt

An XInclude context

class LibXML::Raw::xmlXPathAxis

A mapping of name to axis function

class LibXML::Raw::xmlXPathType

A mapping of name to conversion function

class LibXML::Raw::xmlValidState

Each xmlValidState represent the validation state associated to the set of nodes currently open from the document root to the current element.

class LibXML::Raw::xmlParserInput

Each entity parsed is associated an xmlParserInput (except the few predefined ones).

class LibXML::Raw::xmlElementContent

An XML Element content as stored after parsing an element definition in a DTD.

class LibXML::Raw::xmlNs

An XML namespace. Note that prefix == NULL is valid, it defines the default namespace within the subtree (until overridden).

class LibXML::Raw::xmlSAXLocator

A SAX Locator.

class LibXML::Raw::xmlSAXHandler

A SAX handler is bunch of callbacks called by the parser when processing of the input generate data or structure information.

class LibXML::Raw::xmlError

An XML Error instance.

class LibXML::Raw::xmlXPathContext

Expression evaluation occurs with respect to a context. the context consists of: - a node (the context node) - a node list (the context node list) - a set of variable bindings - a function library - the set of namespace declarations in scope for the expression

class LibXML::Raw::xmlXPathParserContext

An XPath parser context. It contains pure parsing information, an xmlXPathContext, and the stack of objects.

class LibXML::Raw::xmlNode

A node in an XML tree.

class LibXML::Raw::xmlElem

xmlNode of type: XML_ELEMENT_NODE

class LibXML::Raw::xmlTextNode

xmlNode of type: XML_TEXT_NODE

class LibXML::Raw::xmlCommentNode

xmlNode of type: XML_COMMENT_NODE

class LibXML::Raw::xmlCDataNode


class LibXML::Raw::xmlPINode

xmlNode of type: XML_PI_NODE

class LibXML::Raw::xmlEntityRefNode

xmlNode of type: XML_ENTITY_REF_NODE

class LibXML::Raw::xmlAttr

An attribute on an XML node (type: XML_ATTRIBUTE_NODE)

class LibXML::Raw::xmlDoc

An XML document (type: XML_DOCUMENT_NODE)

class LibXML::Raw::htmlDoc


class LibXML::Raw::xmlDocFrag


class LibXML::Raw::xmlDtd

An XML DTD, as defined by <!DOCTYPE … There is actually one for the internal subset and for the external subset (type: XML_DTD_NODE).

class LibXML::Raw::xmlAttrDecl

An Attribute declaration in a DTD (type: XML_ATTRIBUTE_DECL).

class LibXML::Raw::xmlEntity

An unit of storage for an entity, contains the string, the value and the data needed for the linking in the hash table (type: XML_ENTITY_DECL).

class LibXML::Raw::xmlElementDecl

An XML Element declaration from a DTD (type: XML_ELEMENT_DECL).

class LibXML::Raw::xmlNodeSet

A node-set (an unordered collection of nodes without duplicates)

class LibXML::Raw::xmlValidCtxt

An xmlValidCtxt is used for error reporting when validating.

class LibXML::Raw::xmlParserCtxt

The parser context.

class LibXML::Raw::xmlFileParserCtxt

XML file parser context

class LibXML::Raw::xmlPushParserCtxt

an incremental XML push parser context. Determines encoding and reads data in binary chunks

class LibXML::Raw::htmlParserCtxt

a vanilla HTML parser context - can be used to read files or strings

class LibXML::Raw::htmlFileParserCtxt

HTML file parser context

class LibXML::Raw::htmlPushParserCtxt

an incremental HTMLpush parser context. Determines encoding and reads data in binary chunks

class LibXML::Raw::xmlMemoryParserCtxt

a parser context for an XML in-memory document.


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0